After-sale service

Warranty period

All of our products in the absence of a special statement, since the date of installation of free warranty for one year.

After the expiration of the warranty period: to provide unlimited free technical advisory services.

During the warranty period, the product quality problems can not be repaired,Our unconditional replacement.

During the warranty period, all service charges are no longer charged.

One of the following circumstances does not belong to the scope of warranty services, but the company can provide paid maintenance services:

Failure to install, operate and use failure to comply with the specifications and the relevant requirements.

Damage due to improper storage, improper use and artificial causes.

The damage caused by the repair of the non professional personnel or damage to the user's self commissioning.

Products not in conformity with the contract model.

Damage caused by force majeure or in unusual circumstances (such as fire, flood, lightning, natural disaster, nuisance, abnormal voltage, etc.).

service content

Technical advisory services: to answer customer installation, commissioning, system configuration and equipment in the use of various technical problems encountered.

Installation and commissioning services: provide free on-site installation for customers according to the agreement or company regulations.

Product service: provide commissioning and maintenance of "Three Guarantees" service for the customer in accordance with the provisions of the agreement or the company; where the quality problems of company equipment, the company can get the maintenance services; in the normal warranty, we provide free maintenance service for the customer.

After the expiration of the warranty to provide customers with perennial maintenance services, strict implementation of the service procedures and charges, on the part of the replacement parts we only charge fees.

Field technical training: after the installation and commissioning, we will provide on-site training, training for the use of equipment operation and daily maintenance.

Make regular phone calls and home visits: two times each year to call for a tour of the user, a home visit, to discover and understand the equipment problems in using process at any time, in a timely manner to help users solve the problem, ensure the normal operation of equipment.

Deliver updates, improvements, new product information services: collect and sort out new product information and deliver information to users in a timely manner.

Receive complaints, feedback information: receive customer complaints (product quality and service attitude), collect all kinds of problems in the operation of the equipment, analyze and summarize, and actively take corresponding measures and improvement methods.

Preferential system upgrade

If the user system needs to update and upgrade, we will be through INTERNET, mail CD, E-MAIL mode to provide the upgrade process, at any time to provide technical advice and guidance, if necessary, we will arrange the engineers on-site service

Perfect after-sales service network

Our company has set up a dedicated service team to quickly and timely response to customer demand, in order to achieve the promise of tracking services, exempt from the user worries.

Service specification

The market and the customer is our wealth, the wealth is obtained depends on us to strive for. In order to ensure the quality of service, we will strictly in accordance with the agreement or the provisions of the company to carry out service work.

Courteous service, courteous and polite, take the initiative to clean the workplace.

Answer the customer's technical advice, leave the service telephone, consult the customer.

Words and deeds of civilization, when dealing with differences of opinion.

May not make unreasonable demands to the user.