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System characteristics:

  1. Most novel design: the entire vehicle adopts the carriage of the integral glass steel structure or prime quality color plate with flat and bright appearance, is rust, deformation and corrosion-resistant, durable and beautiful.
  2. Most reasonable structure: the entire vehicle may test the waste gas, axle load, brake, speedometer, wheel deflection, headlamp and noise level, related equipment are fixed inside the vehicle and reasonably arranged requiring no temporary placement, and a special computer room is provided.
  3. Easiest operation and use: upon testing, the computer finishes the commanding of operation of the automatic control system through the command screen, the motorcycle passes through the back door of the test vehicle via the front door, and the computer judges the status, monitors the actions, and acquires the data automatically. And, the test results may be printed automatically.
  4. Most reliable test data and most steady performance: the latest technological result is adopted to eliminate the interference caused by the inverter when single phase power supplies the 3-phase motor. The computer control management system of the test line may adopt notebook computer control, is portable, and is capable of data communication with one network cable, therefore significantly reducing the rate of faults due to transportation. The system allows for easy installation and repair, and the technology is unprecedented in China.
  5. Flexible networking function: the system may communicate with the higher level departments on a real-time basis through the wireless GPRS/CDMA, and send the test results to the server at the central equipment room at any time.


Software characteristics:

  1. Adopts advanced WINDOWS distributed network test control system that is capable of concurrent handling of multiple tasks
  2. The powerful system expansion function enables expansion of various subsystems with the network server as the data center
  3. Real-time remote maintenance. The network server is connected to the Internet, making it easy for the customer to perform upgrade and maintenance operations
  4. Modular design, fully digital communication and flexible arrangement of the stations, independent subsystems, flexible arrangement and convenient maintenance.
  5. Co-existence of different networks, integrating the industrial control network and the LAN effectively
  6. Perfect self-test function, allowing the system to tell you where the faults are
  7. Perfect database function. The system provides the intelligent self-created table function, and the open database structure provides the customer with interfaces for secondary development.
  8. Online data maintenance, online test scheduling, free connection to the pre-queuing system or barcode system and IC card system, allowing for orderly management as you wish.


Main technical parameters: